Hair Care Tips

Brazilian Straight & Bodywave Textures

Wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo followed by conditioner when first receiving your extensions.

Comb through your extensions using a wide tooth comb or a padded brush after conditioner is applied to the hair.

Conditioner is HIGHLY recommended after the use of shampoo.

Sealing your wefts is recommended to ensure that shedding will not occur.

Comb through your hair daily, with a wide tooth comb or a padded brush.

Use a satin scarf or bonnet 

Deep condition your extensions at least twice a month for 15-30 minutes with heat or 30-60 minutes without heat.


Brazilian Curly Textures

Follow the same instructions as straight and body wave extensions:

Curly extensions hair care is most important and must be taken care of on a daily basis. It is very high maintenance. 

ALWAYS use a conditioner after shampooing.

Use a conditioner on wet hair when detangling, this is for everyday wear. 50/50 mix is fine to spray on hair and use a wide tooth comb, a pick or padded brush to assist in detangling.

Detangle DAILY !

It is optional to use leave-in conditioners and/or moisturizers but not required. No specific product is needed, Use products of your choose.


Closures & Frontals

Closures should be care for following the hair care tips above. 

Closures and frontals should not be scratched using finger nails or any other foreign objects such as combs or picks, this may cause balding of the closure or frontal and breakage of real hair under.

When washing, be gentle. Pulling can cause the hair to bald overtime (remember the hair is only individually holding on to the lace by a handmade knot)